The 300 Youth Sojourn is a journey that traces the footsteps of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s life and his struggles in his ministry—the education of the young, especially the poor—through a pilgrimage to the 16 La Salle Schools in the Philippines. The pilgrimage is centered on values of sacrifice, reflection, and practice with regards to one’s individual life. The objectives of the 300YS for the participants are:
1.     To understand the significant milestones in the life of the Founder
2.     To gain knowledge about the Philippine Lasallian Family and the identities of the 16 schools
3.     To demonstrate an appreciation for the Lasallian Vocation

St. Jaime Hilario School-De La Salle Bataan will be sending 2 student-representatives from grades 10 and 11. The estimated cost for the pilgrimage is around Php 25,000-Php 30,000. It is inclusive of transportation, accommodation, meals, and the program kit. The De La Salle Brothers will help in sponsoring a portion of the registration fee. 

Interested students from grades 10-11 are expected to submit the following:

  1. 500-word statement of purpose (introduction about yourself, your qualifications, why you want to join youth sojourn, why should we choose you)
  2. Two recommendation letters (adviser and 1 teacher)
  3. Endorsement letter from parents (includes the amount you are willing to contribute)
  4. No MS or NI in conduct for the past 4 terms
  5. No grade below 80 (first term, SY1920)
  6. Medical Clearance (has taken a flu shot vaccines, no asthma or any respiratory- to be given if chosen as school representative)

Deadline of submission of requirements is on Dec. 11, 2019 at 4 PM. Please give your documents to Ms. Eva Banling.


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