K-12 Compliant
1. Kinder
2. Grade School
3. Junior High School
4. Senior High School (General Academic Strand)

1. Admission Requirements:

Submit a CLEAR COPY of the following and bring original for verification purposes:

a. PSA copy of Birth certificate
b. Baptismal certificate
c. Previous report card 
d. Proof of Income for both Parents (Income Tax Return/ Certificate of Employment stating the monthly salary for parents who are employed and Affidavit of Tax Exemption from the Mayor’s office if the parents are unemployed.)

e. Duly accomplished Application Form, please print the form in this link:

f. Application Fee
g. A recent 2 x 2 ID picture with white background
h. Certificate of Good Moral Character from Previous Schools
i. Additional Requirements for Foreign Students and Applicants with Dual Citizenship
(1)  Valid Philippine Passport or Identification Certificate issued by the Bureau of Immigration
(2)   Valid Foreign Passport
(3)   Transcript of Records authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or the Philippine Consulate in the country of origin.
(4)   Report Card with English translation
(5)   Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino if with DUAL Citizenship

2. Application Procedure

Submit all requirements on-site or via email at