The school implements a comprehensive student services program for developing the full potential of the individual pupil. The following centers/ offices offer pupil related services aimed at developing pupil’s holistic personality:

1. Lasallian Mission Office (LMO)

The Lasallian Mission Office is an institutional department composed of Lasallian formators in the following in the following areas: Christian Living, Social Action, Campus Ministry, and Youth Ministry in direct collaboration with the teachers and the Brothers’ Aspirancy Program from De La Salle University Manila.

The LMO’s task is not only the Spiritual development of the school community but also the many aspects of the mission that respond to the urgent needs of the Lasallian Stakeholders, partner communities and the society in general.

2. Learning Resource Center

The school’s Learning Resource Center is an integral part of the school operation. It is a multimedia hub that enriches, reinforces, and adds effectiveness to the teaching-learning process using hardware materials. It provides extension of experiences beyond the physical limitations of the classroom, while increasing the personal involvement of the students in learning.

The print section offers a wide range of resources such as fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, and information files. The library has an audiovisual center which houses materials and equipment such as discs, maps, globes and other educational media.

Educational Resources are made available to students to reinforce their reading and study skills, arouse their natural curiosity for knowledge, stimulate their thinking and generate problem solving skills.

3. The Guidance and Counseling Services


The School Guidance and Counseling Services supports the school’s concern for the individual as well as for the academic and psychological well-being of the pupils by providing guidance and counseling, group guidance, training, testing consultations and other related services as a major component of its operation. The pupils are considered the main priority in the delivery of its services utilizing a preventive rather than a curative approach to helping.


The School Guidance and Counseling Services aims to actualize among Lasallians the values of healthful living, self-realization, social relationships, career development, civic consciousness through its training and development programs.


The School Guidance and Counseling Services considers each student as a unique individual and guides them in going through the three levels/phases of growth and development, namely: informational, formational, and transformational, to become a health individual and grow in self-realization, social relationship, economic efficiency, career development and civic consciousness/responsibility.


As a service arm of the school, the office is concerned with the efficient delivery of the following services:

A) Counseling – It is the central and the heart of the guidance services. It aims to assist students towards self – understanding, goal – setting and decision – making.

B) Group Guidance – It aims to answer the developmental needs of the pupils through a group process, which is guided by a seven – scaled developmental class guidance matrix, executed by the level of the guidance counselor.

C) Training – It aims to enhance the leadership potentials of the student leaders and equip them with basic and necessary leadership concepts, skills and attitudes in the areas of personal and professional development.

D) Testing – In coordination with La Salle Greenhills/ CENTRO, psychological instruments are used for assessment of pupils’ ability and personality.

E) Consultation Conferences – They intend to gather information and/ or feedback about a particular student and/or class concerns. They, likewise, supplement information regarding pupils’ psychological and emotional condition and home situation.

F) Information – This refers to giving of information to students on educational and occupational data related to academic concerns, school policies, college placement, and career options.

G) Placement – The teachers and administrators are given help in identifying students for sectioning, enrichment, remedial and other special programs.

H) Research and Evaluation – Researches and small scale studies are conducted for the development and assessment of Guidance and Counseling Services and other related programs.

4. Clinic/ Health Services

The School Clinic is responsible for safeguarding the health of the students and school personnel on campus. Visitors may avail themselves of the clinic services in case of emergency.

5. SJHS – Student Council

The SJHS Student Council is the highest governing student body. It acts as the liaison between the students and the administration/ faculty. It is the official representative of the students on matters, which need the attention of the school, as well as the institutional administration.

6. The Hilarian

The Hilarian is the official student publication of SJHS. The organization welcomes students who are interested on becoming regular staff and editors in different category – news, feature, editorial, literary and creatives which include editorial cartooning and photojournalism.

7. School Organizations

There are different organizations inside the school namely Drumbeaters, Kwerdas, Indak and TEATRO Dagat. Drumbeaters and Kwerdas are the ones which focuses on the music interests of the students. Indak showcases some of the most terpsichorean and graceful students of SJHS. TEATRO Dagat’s main focus is in the field of drama and theater play. They are trained by the student-artists from the Office of Culture and Arts of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde.


There were the two students from St. Jaime Hilario School – De La Salle Bataan finally took their exam last February 24, 2019 at Tomas Pinpin, Abucay, Bataan. Different schools in the province of Bataan participated in the said program.

Ms. Eva Banling (left) and Mr. Michael Merosa helped in teaching and facilitating in the ALS program. Ms. Babylen Cuyoca (middle) and Ms. Bernadette Mendoza (right) are our passers for the Accreditation and Equivalency Test.