K-12 Compliant
1. Pre-School
2. Complete Grade School
3. Complete Junior High School
4. Complete Senior High School
a. Offerings: Technical-Vocational Track
b. Specialization: Eco-Tourism and Food Technology

Grade 1: Must be 5 to 6 years and 5 months by June 1 of the academic year.

a. Photocopy of NSO copy of Birth certificate (not hospital certificate)
b. Photocopy of Baptismal certificate
c. Photocopy of previous report card
d. Proof of Income for both Parents/ Affidavit of Tax Exemption (If Parents are unemployed)
e. Application Form
f. Entrance Examination Fee
g. A recent ID picture (2*2) with white background
h. Certificate of Good Moral from Previous School

Readiness for Grade 1 is determined by a standardized test. The results of which are the objective criteria for determining admission. Acceptance to Grade 1 is determined by a written entrance examination. The schedule of the examination is given at the time of application.

Results are released on the dates specified by the school. The applicant’s parent or authorized representative is advised to claim the entrance exam result from the Registrar’s office.

Acceptance of student transferees from other schools to Grade 2 to 5 and Grade 7 to 12 depends on the vacancies in these levels.
Application periods start on the first working day in January through the last week of April of the current school year.
Applications are accepted during a specified period. No application is accepted after the said period.

a. Enrolment Form

b. Original copy of previous school year’s Report Card with the following grade requirements in any grading school period
• No final grade lower than 80 %
• A final average of at least 85 %
• No failing grades in any grading period
• A conduct or deportment grade of at least S or its numerical equivalent

c. Registration fee

The enrolment period of old students for the new school year is determined by the Registrar’s Office. Old students will only be accepted if they have duly accomplished the Student Clearance of the previous school year. The school reserves the right to accept new student to take the place of non-returning old student after the official enrolment period.